We offer a comprehensive range of spray application equipment, varying from airspray, airless and air assisted airless equipment through to more sophisticated plural component and electrostatic systems.

We recognise that purchasing this equipment represents a significant investment and through understanding the importance of your requirements, our experienced team of field representatives and industry product specialists, together with our engineering and installation resources, strive to help maximise your return on investment.

  • Finishing equipment

    Achieve the best results possible with our comprehensive finishing equipment range featuring benchmark products from the industry's elite manufacturers.

  • Contractor equipment

    Is spray equipment central to your company? Keep the lifeblood of your business pumping with our contractor equipment range.

  • Spray foam and polyurea equipment

    We offer a complete high-performance system designed to apply foam, polyurea and other materials that require accurate temperatures and pressures.

  • Process equipment

    Move material faster and increase your plant's efficiency with our pumping solutions for process industries.

  • Sanitary equipment

    Centring around Graco's SaniForce range, we offer Air-operated Double Diaphragm Pumps, Piston Transfer Pumps and Drum and Bin Unloaders for sanitary applications.

  • Sealant and adhesive equipment

    Hi-Tec Spray is proud of our relationship with Graco, a world leading manufacturer of fluid handling systems.

  • Abrasive blasting equipment

    We supply the most technically advanced blast machines on the market, offering unrivalled performance.

  • Air compressors

    We supply a comprehensive range of specialist compressed air products for DIY, professional and industrial markets.

  • Spray booths

    Our spray booths and stoving ovens are available in a large range of standard sizes or tailored to suit your particular application.

  • Spray shop consumables

    We offer a comprehensive range of spray shop consumables including disposable paper or polypropylene mixing cups, conical paper paint strainers and TAKrags.

  • Personal protective equipment

    Our range of products encompasses all forms of industry-related personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our approved manufacturers
We supply products from the top manufacturers in the industry, giving you piece of mind when purchasing from us.

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