Our passion, your finish – we strive to provide consistently better finishes for our customers. Achieve the best results possible with our comprehensive finishing equipment range featuring benchmark products from the industry's elite manufacturers such as DeVilbiss and their Advance HD Manual Air Spray Gun, Gema's OptiFlex 2 Manual Powder Coating System and Graco's Merkur Air Assisted Airless Sprayer. Beyond the importance of the finish, our finishing solutions for all types of wood, metal and plastic applications offer improved productivity, reduced paint usage costs and lowers emissions.
  • Air assisted airless

    Air Assisted Airless spray painting is both efficient and economic, with substantially faster application rates, higher material transfer than air spray, and a superior finish to airless.

  • Air spray guns

    Dominant within their range, we offer a host DeVilbiss' innovative spray guns from their range of industrial finishing manual air spray guns set the standard.

  • Air spray pumps and pressure pots

    We supply numerous ranges including Binks' and Graco's complete line of pressure tanks which can handle everything from conventional coatings to corrosive fluids.

  • Electrostatic spray guns

    We offer small, light, ergonomically balanced electrostatic spray guns designed to offer efficiency, maximise profits and achieve high quality finishes.

  • Plural component equipment

    We offer precision mixing equipment which can help increase efficiency, reduce costs and save material to help provide a quick return on investment.

  • Powder coating equipment

    Our powder coating products are an alternative, environmentally friendly method of paint application.

Our approved manufacturers
We supply products from the top manufacturers in the industry, giving you piece of mind when purchasing from us.


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