Powder coating is an alternative, environmentally friendly method of paint application. Normally, to apply 'wet' paint, solvents are required to allow the paint to become a liquid thus allowing it to be applied to the object to be painted.

The solvent also makes the paint sticky, causing it to adhere to the surface. With powder coating, only the paint solids are sprayed onto the product, in an atomised powder form. As the powder is sprayed it is given an electrostatic charge and the item being coated is to be earthed. The charged powder is drawn to the product and adheres to it due to this electrostatic charge. The item, covered with the powder paint, is then heated to around 200°C in an oven, wherein the powder fuses on to the product and thus forms a smooth, tough and resilient coating.

The Gema Optiflex B Powder Coating Unit is especially designed for the use of original powder boxes, avoiding messy decanting. The inclined vibration plate allows complete emptying of the powder boxes via the fluid/suction unit. The solid and ergonomic unit ensures trouble-free treatment of all currently available powder types, including metallic powders. Colour changes can be carried with ease. The system comes ready to use and can be put into operation after a short assembly time.

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