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Graco paint sprayers, DeVilbiss manual spray guns and Gema powder coating equipment, part of our extensive range, leaders in their respective specialisms and reflective of our stance towards the high-end.

Our strategy for the future is the continued, close collaboration with the industry’s elite manufacturers, with whom we’ve formed strong working partnerships, championing their newest developments. Please see Approved Manufacturers to learn more.

This section offers an in-depth coverage of technical developments in spray application and fluid handling.

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Announcing the exciting new range of state-of-the-art PPE from RPB Safety range.

Boost your productivity and reduce operational expenses.

RPB provides tear-off lens system, the mounted helmet lighting system, custom comfort padding design, instant temperature control levels, In-helmet communication and the smart device gas monitoring.

Have a look at the RPB range brochures below.

RPB Radex Product Brochure

RPB L4 Light Product Brochure

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The OptiFlex®2 B Spray is especially developed for coatings, that require a stable powder output. The slanted vibration floor of the unit and the fluidized suction lance allows a complete emptying of the box. The unit is equipped with OptiSpray AP01 application pump, which guarantees you perfect coating results, even when working with the most difficult types of powder.

The OptiSpray AP01 application pump works with an innovative single-chamber design based on the SIT (Smart Inline Technology) concept. This configuration guarantees a constant and reproducible coating result over a long period of time. The use of the OptiSpray AP01 unit enables easy and quick color changes and powder savings of up to 15%.

The OptiFlex®2 B Spray manual unit is available in different configurations, depending on the application field:
The OptiFlex®2 B Spray version with one AP01 pump achieves a powder output of up to 300 g/min. The model version with two AP01 pumps handles a powder output of up to 2x 300 g/min.

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Gema OptiFlex 2 B with application and pump

Come to our Open Days at Southampton (10th May) and Manchester (23rd May) Branches in May. The experts from Graco will be with us to showcase their full Contractor range including the Ultra Handheld Sprayers, the GX Airless Range and the new FinishPro HVLP Systems.

We look forward to see you there!

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With our new ProBell rotary applicator, you get high performance spraying with intuitive controls and a modular, scalable design. Plus you have the flexibility to start small with one controller and work your way up to more, or install a complete system all at once, accommodating your specific installation and budget needs. And at 60,000 RPM, you not only get high production speeds for your industrial application, but the precision balanced cup also gives you low vibration.

In addition to delivering superior quality, high transfer efficiency and precision spraying, the ProBell applicator is lightweight and compact allowing for lower payload robots or reciprocators.

To find out more, click on the link below:

Graco ProBell Rotary Applicator

Designed to work with any airless sprayer, Graco have launched the FF LP tip, replacing the original FFP. Featuring the patented Graco RAC X Tip it has been designed to spray up to 50% lower pressure, doubling its lifespan, it also produces less overspray ensuring complete atomisation whilst reducing preparation and clean-up time.

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Designed for a wide range of applications, the SoloTec hose pump range is available in four different sizes (ST-10, ST23, ST26 and ST30) and for each size there are four separate hose materials to choose from. All four pumps are equipped with a 250V motor AC and feature a single aluminium roller that compresses an engineered hose through a full 360 degrees of rotation allowing the operator to have to squeeze the hose less than they would a conventional pump.

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Graco have introduced the new Xtreme-Duty agitator, the ultimate mixer designed specifically for protective coating materials. It incorporates a large 55 gallon drum and special high torque blades which have been uniquely designed to continuously lift material from the bottom of the drum keeping them in suspension until an optimum mix has been achieved.

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Graco have just launched the new RTX 5500PI and RTX 5500PX, both designed with different users in mind. The RTX 5500PI is designed for contractors who are carrying out medium-to-large jobs, whereas the RTX 5500PX has been designed for the large residential and commercial contractor needing a compact yet powerful texture sprayer that can handle a wide variety of materials. Despite their intended users, both RTX 5500 units deliver 50% more air and twice the output than their predecessor the RTX 1500.

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Powered by an inbuilt turbine generator, the new Ransflex RXi is a low pressure air-atomising electrostatic spray gun designed for use with waterborne paints. Using indirect electrostatic charging technology, it sprays straight from regular paint pumps or pressure feed tanks eliminating the need for expensive isolation tables or enclosures saving expense and floor space. It features an ergonomically-designed handle with easy to use controls and a 'soft' trigger for operator comfort.

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DeVilbiss have launched a range of ten extension nozzles in a wide choice of lengths for every industrial application. Manufactured from brass and stainless steel, they are suitable for both solvent and water based coatings and provide excellent atomisation for Fan spray, forward round spray, 360° circular atomisation, 45° spray options and a 30° reverse angle version.

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