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Electrostatic spray guns offer a significant material-saving method of painting that can produce amazing results. Their electrically charged nature offers numerous benefits over traditional paint spray guns, making it much easier for users to coat hard to reach areas and get an end result which is significantly more efficient and economic.

Electrostatic spray painting works by electrically charging atomised particles. This causes them to repel each other and spread themselves evenly as they exit the spray nozzle. The object being painted is charged oppositely, or grounded. This means that the painting material is attracted to the object, giving a more even coat than wet spray painting and greatly reducing the amount of overspray.

For manual use, Graco and Ransburg provide tools that are at the forefront of the electrostatic industry. The Graco Pro Xp offers users a small ergonomically balanced tool that still delivers both great performance and high finish quality. For use with waterborne materials, Graco offer a range of Electrostatic Waterborne Guns which give the same, factory-level finish and compact design of the other devices in the Graco line.

When it comes to ease of use, the Ransburg RansFlex is an industry-leading electrostatic device that was built with comfort at the core of its impressive design. The RansFlex is a low pressure air atomising device, powered by an inbuilt turbine to achieve impressive results with minimal effort.

For automatic use, the Graco Pro Xp Auto and Graco Pro Xpc Auto offer almost unrivalled quality, providing factory level finishes, reduced material waste, and adaptable system integration functions. Both devices feature the sophisticated Graco design, which has been honed over 50 years as industry leaders in pumps and spray equipment.

In addition to these ranges, we supply and support other brands of manual and automatic electrostatic spray guns, including Wagner and Kremlin Rexson.

For electrostatic powder coating equipment, please see Powder coating equipment.

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Electrostatic spray painting is an economic and efficient means of coating a wide variety of surfaces. Both manual and automatic electrostatic guns can be used with a large amount of materials, offering you more flexibility and choice, whilst also delivering superior high quality finishes.

Waterborne paints are one of the most common painting materials on the market, accounting for roughly 80% of paint sold in the residential market. It uses significantly less organic solvents than typical solvent based paints, which means that it is a more environmentally-friendly alternative. Waterborne paint types are compatible with almost any surface, indoor and outdoor, and provide a clean, bright colour in comparison to solvent based paint. They also require less undercoat.

Solventborne paints are one of the most traditional choices for users in the coating and ink industry. It is commonly used in industry applications such as road markings and packaging coatings, as well as for a variety of decorative uses. Solventborne is often less popular, in comparison to more environmentally friendly alternatives such as waterborne, but it is still used as a reliable and high quality coating.

Single component
Single component paints are easy to use and dry in the air, meaning that they do not require a hardener, activator or catalyst. Single component products are usually ready to spray immediately, although some may need to be diluted with a thinner so that they flow through the spray gun properly.

Plural components
Plural component paints are extremely hardy, and are useful for coating jobs which may face intense wear. They are generally chemical, environment and atmosphere resistant, making them perfect for water and sewage treatment, refineries and chemical facilities.

CARC stands for 'Chemical Agent Resistant Coating', and is a paint commonly applied to military vehicles. CARC paint is extremely durable and can provide protection against chemical and biological weapons. It is resistant to damage and removal, leading to its popularity in the military and areas where extreme materials, such a chemical and biological agents, may be used.

Metallic paints are common in the automotive industry and use small metal flakes to create a metallic, sparkling paint coating. They are popular in decorative applications such as picture frames, exterior metalwork or door furniture, where a faux metal aesthetic is desired. In most cases, metallics consist of a base coat with a clear lacquer, as well as a top coat of urethane to provide extra protection and gloss.

For surfaces that need to be both hardwearing and able to resist varying temperatures, enamel coatings are ideal. Enamel gives a glossy, bright finish that is hard and more resistant to wearing conditions than other painting alternatives. It can be used on various surfaces including concrete, models, engines, refrigerators and barbecues.

Fast-set paint can come in a huge variety of types, and in both water and solvent based varieties. It is used in situations where speed is important, such as applying coats in a busy industrial location or on road surfaces.

UV coating
UV is a modern advancement in coating formulas that allows coating to be dried instantly in a process called Ultraviolet curing (or UV curing). It offers many advantages, including increasing production speed, improving scratch and solvent resistance and reducing reject rates. This makes it ideal for the automotive, manufacturing and telecommunications industries.

Epoxy sealants and adhesives
Epoxy sealants and adhesives are used to bond materials such as metal, wood, ceramic, glass, and plastic. There are a large number of applications including in craft manufacture, furniture manufacture and sealing concrete. Used in combination with an electrostatic gun it makes application easier and generally produces better finished results.


Electrostatic spray guns are exceptionally efficient painting tools, which serve as the perfect solution to a number of domestic and industrial applications.

Electrostatic spray guns work by electronically charging atomised particles as they exit the device. They are then attracted to the negatively charged objects intended to be painted. This results in a complete coating that not only covers conventionally difficult to reach areas, but does so without sacrificing the quality of the finish.

Electrostatic painting has many light, medium and heavy commercial uses, including the automotive industry. Lightweight models are available which allow the same high level of efficiency and quality, whilst remaining suitable for use in domestic situations.

The application of electrostatic paint is incredibly versatile, with it able to wrap around objects. It can be administered to a large number of different materials, including metal, black rubber and plastic. This means that the possible applications of electrostatic painting are almost endless. Electrostatic paint can be used in various applications including; light commercial finishing, plastic finishing, painting fences, porous objects, store fronts, and much more.

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The beauty of electrostatic spray guns is that it satisfies an enormous amount of industry demands, and is capable of coating a wide variety of materials and hard to reach areas, without scaling back in terms of quality.

Electrostatic paint guns use atomised particles to give a fine, even coat, which means it is a great choice in a number of industries. For example, on agricultural equipment, where an intricate or unusual shape would provide a challenge for conventional painting methods. Electrostatic spray guns are applicable with a wide variety of paint types, including solvent and water-based materials, meaning that it can serve multiple uses in an industry environment.

In the manufacturing industry, such as in automotive, electronics or furniture production, electrostatic spray painting can ensure significant material savings, alongside a quality finish. Electrostatic painting dramatically reduces overspray and also provides a more even coating than wet paint.

Beyond its uses in these industries, the versatility of electrostatic spray guns means that they are an excellent choice for a great deal of other applications, including; spray booths, CARC, general metal finishing, military construction, railroads, trucking, fleets, waste management, aerospace finishing and forestry equipment.

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To find out more about the products, download a product specification manual from the manufacturer.

ARB-05.15-UK, Ransburg RansFlex Electrostatic Applicator
ARB-12.12-UK, Ransburg Vector Electrostatic Spray Gun
345007EN, Graco Pro Xp Electrostatic Gun
345066EN, Graco Pro Xp Auto


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