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Our philosophy is to design, manufacture and install a superior system that will serve you well for many years, sharing our experience will help you achieve the best possible spray facility within your budget. Getting it wrong or 'making do' could prove expensive and last a long time.

We understand the importance of spray finishing and aim to provide a pleasant and safe working environment for the spray painter to maximise productivity and achieve a high quality of spray finished work. Whether it's the installation of one of our spray booths, a minor upgrade to your existing process or a full turnkey system, we have the experience to engineer a tailored solution.

Our range of highly engineered spray booths and stoving ovens are available in many configurations to suit your process, your building and your neighbors. Options include dry filter, water wash, and bench type, with axial or quiet running centrifugal fans. As well as the standard sizes, all of our booths can be tailored to suit your particular application and our experienced team are available to guide you on the most appropriate booth for your requirements, at the same time respecting your budget. We provide ongoing support not just at the start, but throughout the entire life-cycle of your project; our services also include full onsite installation, operator and maintenance training and servicing.

  • Dry filter spray booths

    Designed to ensure complete extraction from the spray area, providing a safe working environment...

  • Bench level spray booths

    Provides the perfect solution to operatives who want to work at a more convenient height whilst...

  • Whisper spray booths

    Designed specifically for quieter working environments where the level of noise is important or...

  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) testing

    Beyond the installation, commissioning and maintenance, we offer thorough examinations and testing of LEV...

  • Water wash spray booths

    Designed for materials that aren't suitable for use with the Dry Filter Booth and for residential...

  • Paint arrestor exhaust units

    Recommended when the spray room itself provides the working area because the size is similar to...

  • Engineered turnkey systems

    We have the skills and experience to design and engineer bespoke turnkey system solutions to suit...

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